In the United States, you can order Goldilocks brand of polvoron from Amazon.. Goldilocks Assorted Polvoron Goldilocks Polvoron: Different Flavors — classic, peanut, cookies n cream… Add into polvoron … Divide the polvoron mixture into four for adding flavors. Cashew Polvoron P137 . 2. Peanut Polvoron P137 . … Cookies N' Cream… P137 . Pinipig Polvoron P137 ... Goldilocks Delivery Hotline: +632-888-1-999 Subscribe to our newsletter. Cookies and cream – Remove the cream O filling before crushing. Classic Polvoron P177 . Goldilocks Cookies n Cream Polvoron Sweet and creamy polvoron mixed with a delicious cookie bits All-time Filipino favorites 24 pcs individually wrapped pillow packed/box (300g) Fresh new stocks … Cookies N' Cream Polvoron Sweet and creamy polvoron with distinctive taste and aroma of coffee and enhanced with crunchy praline Price: Php7.00 (Pc) / Php56.00 (10 pcs) / Php122.00 (box/24 pcs) For Cookies & Cream Flavors: 1. Goldilocks is a Philippine bakeshop chain that manufactures and packages different flavors of pulburon.The Filipino word comes from the Spanish polvoron.Goldilocks calls it “shortbread cookies.”. 7.

cookies and cream polvoron goldilocks

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